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About the trainer


Palani Murugappan shares with participants his knowledge and experience culled over 20 years of involvement in the software application and training industry. Today, Palani is a professional trainer and speaker since the year 2000, who specializes in the areas of increasing office productivity and efficiency skills by empowering employees decision making skills using tools such as Microsoft Office, namely Microsoft Excel.

For most of Palani’s programs, participants can expect to learn 3 key areas:

1) Decision making skills
2) Reporting skills
3) Presentation skills

One of Palani’s favorite past time passion is writing. Today, on a personal capacity, this has evolved to a stage where he has written over 50 books on various software applications ranging from Microsoft Windows and Office Suite, Business applications using Microsoft Excel, Internet, Adobe publishing software to AutoCAD. His books are popular as he illustrates most instructions with an appropriate screen capture to reinforce the learning curve.
Palani holds a Masters in Business Administration (majoring in Electronic Commerce)
from Australia. He is also a registered PSMB/HRDF certified trainer.

Trainer’s Biodata

Palani Murugappan (known as The Interpreter i.e. helps converge data into information), is a PSMB/HRDF certified trainer who shares with his participants his knowledge and experience culled over 20 years of involvement in the software application training industry. The Interpreter applies the VERIIFYTM technique as his training methodology i.e. Validate, Encapsulate and Rationalize raw data in Identifying Information for Future Yield.
The Interpreter has helped many industries personnel achieve their goals of tabulating raw data. He has helped
1) Sales & Marketing personnel forecast future sales patterns;
2) Human Resources personnel perform various levels of KPIs from employees’ raw data, and setup a simplified payroll system for Small to Medium Sized Industries;
3) Finance personnel to perform various What-If situations;
4) Production personnel to create meaningful scenarios should price of raw materials increase by a small or large margin;
5) Medical professionals to increase their level of understanding on analyzing lab and various test results including profiling of patients;
6) General employees improve their general reporting and presentation skills.
If you want to make sense of the data surrounding you; how your organization’s data can help you expand or cut down areas of expenses; or simply move up the corporate ladder by being ahead of your peers in terms of interpreting raw data, the Interpreter will be able to assist by mapping the data into a spreadsheet format like Microsoft Excel and performing various business process analysis.
One of the reasons for using Microsoft Excel is it the most commonly found spreadsheet in an office environment. While most people are familiar with Microsoft Excel, only a handful of them know the art of extracting data from a database; or converging raw data into information using the built-in tools of Excel. This is where the Interpreter excels in showing the many ways of doing this.
The Interpreter is able to communicate with most levels of management based on his industry exposure, articles contributed to business magazines, and the range of 51 books he has authored over the years. Samples of his books are as listed below.

Palani Books

Palani, The Interpreter, holds an MBA (Majoring in Electronic Commerce) from the Charles Sturt University, Australia.

Past participants are from:

– Accenture
– Averis
Bank Negara Malaysia
– Electrolux Shared Services
Hitachi Electronics
– Kuehne Nagel
Malayan Flour Mills
Pantai Hospital
– Tenaga Engineering & Consultancy
Tabung Haji
– Texas Instruments
– Specific Resources
Shell Refining
– Toshiba Electronics
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (“UTAR”)
UCSI University

Participants Feedback

-Easy to understand, clear and organized

-Trainer was very patient and his voice was very clear when he spoke

-The course is very interesting. A lot of functions and formulas can be used in daily work

-Helps daily task to be more efficient

-Great course, excellent!

-Easier to prepare budgets and other calculations

-Menarik, banyak ilmu pengetahuan baru

-Bagus kerana membawa pengetahuan baru serta penerangan yang jelas