MS Excel Basic Training by Kent Lau

This Microsoft Excel training is designed to empoweryou with essentialExcel knowledge, equip you with easy to relate example so you can use Microsoft Excel better. The more you learn, the shorter time you need to enter data into Excel, and complete certain basic data entry task required faster.

Expected learning outcome:

At the end of this training, you will be able to:
• View data, edit data easier than you think
• Copy worksheet faster than you know.
• Createbasic Excel built in formulas faster than others
• Building practical business plan that awe your friends
• Creating contact management
• creating budget for your own, your family and ultimately for your company you work at.

We believe that you as an employee must be good at managing your own finance using Excel. And as the saying goes a happy employee will increase his productivity and the company’s bottom line.

You will begin to see the usefulness of Excel like never before.

Who is suitable:
Junior Level administrative staff including admin, sales admin clerk, marketing executive, Personal Assistant, account, finance, purchase executive, operation staff, retail staff who need to enter data into Excel, navigate multiple worksheets, but do not need to analyze data.

Effective Training methods:
The training is purpose driven. Our hands-on exercise will help you to understand the importance of Excel using practical case study. You will love those case studies.

Training methods:
• Partner sharing. Learn to share.
• group sharing.
• class sharing.
• Our unique revision technique.

We create an extremely fun environment to learn Excel.

Course Outline

Topic Detail

Introduction to Ribbon.
How to maximizing and minimizing Ribbon.
What is Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).
How to access to most common used command faster?
Learn to save workbook in multiple format (xlsx, and xlsm or xls)
Open a recent workbook fast.
Converting Excel worksheet to other format (such as PDF format)


Setting up list
How to fill a list of day easily
How to create a sequence of number list easily
Create a list of every Tuesday/Wednesday easily
How to enter date faster
How to enter time faster
How to create Time Table easier than you think.
Multiple Cells data entry
Transposing data


Introduction to Formula bar
How to hide/unhide Formula bar
Writing your first formula in Excel.
Learn to write SUM function
Learn to write AVERAGE function
Learn to write COUNT function
Learn to write MAX function
Learn to write MIN function
Understand difference between COUNT and COUNTA

Find a text and fill all occurrences.
Find a text then replace them all

Creating formatting shortcuts
Text Alignment – center vertically and horizontally
Adding, deleting, hiding row/column
Wrapping text
Merging or unmerge cells

The easiest way to move a worksheet(s)
A faster way to copy one or multiple worksheet(s)

How to delete worksheet
How to rename worksheet

How to view multiple worksheets same time.
How to print a worksheet

Create Hyperlink
How to edit a Hyperlink
How to delete a Hyperlink

Create Linked Cell
Create Linked Cell across multiple sheets

Very useful shortcut list to work with Excel workbook fast.

1 Day
(Optional: with a follow up coaching session)

Participants should understand the basics of using Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7 and above) such as opening Windows Explorer, double click, dragging, copy files, create new folder, and renaming file.

“You will begin to see the usefulness of Excel like never before.”
Kent Lau