MS Excel In – House (Group) Training Programs Malaysia

List of programmes conducted by Palani Murugappan:

List Of Programs

Certification in Data Analysis and Analytics Utilizing Microsoft Excel

Be a Certified Data Analyst!

Organized by : Avimur Solutions Sdn Bhd

iTOL United Kingdom - Institute of Training & Occupational Learning

Certificate is recognized Worldwide

Who can participate in our Data Analyst Course ?

Any existing Excel users or those who use Excel daily will benefit the most


Data Analysis Techniques Utilizing Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel For Daily User

Microsoft Excel Functions & Features for Management Decision Making

Database Mining using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel Reporting & Analysis

Utilizing Microsoft Excel in Sales & Marketing for Data Analysis

 Microsoft Excel Tips & Techniques

Mastering Presentation Techniques using Microsoft Excel Charts and PowerPoint

Building Infographics Utilizing Microsoft Excel for Data Visualization

Utilizing Microsoft Excel Dashboards for Reporting

Utilizing Microsoft Excel for Human Resources Management

Performing & Interpreting Financial Calculations Utilizing Excel

Cost Reduction Strategies using Excel Toolkits

Expert Users Advanced Excel Tools for Management Decision Making & Reporting

Creating & Analyzing Databases using Microsoft Excel

Utilizing Microsoft Excel for Marketing Management

Application of Microsoft Excel for Hotel Management

Applied Excel for Banking and Finance

Decision Making Skills for Business Owners using Excel Toolkits

Report Writing Skills Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Basic


Simplified Data Analytics

with so much data surrounding us daily, can you make sense of it?

After downloading data from another system into spreadsheet format, are you able to gather information from it?

Are your able to estimate what will your future sales values be?

If you answered “NO” to the above questions, you need help NOW!

Let the “Interpreter” Palani Murugappan, a HRDF Certified Trainer since the year 2000, train you to perform various aspects of data analytics of your raw data and find that vital and meaningful information.

Palani Murugappan

Managing Personal Finances Utilizing Microsoft Excel

Its Easy, Its Fast, Its Simple and with zero expertise!

Guarantee: in 3 Hours, you will acquire the skills to better manage your savings, expenses and investments

through our highly-practical Microsoft Excel Workshop!

Topics covered:

What is “Time Value of Money”

Understanding the differences between short and long term loan calculations

How to pay off your loans faster

Calculating the interest and principal portion of your loan on monthly basis

Forecasting future savings ( or expenses)

Investment calculations based on variable interest rates

Various what-if scenarious

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

If an organisation opts for company-wide training, we can provide a written test (a little more than an hour, done at the end of the programme) to gauge the level of understanding of participants on what was taught. Upon passing the test, a “Certificate of Competency” is issued; otherwise a “Certificate of Attendance” is issued.