Microsoft Excel Training Courses Malaysia Beginner Basic to Advanced

MS Excel Training Programs

We offer training of MS Excel Programs in Malaysia. Some of the program includes Spreadsheet, Presentation, Calculations, Cost & Defects, Cash Flow, Formulas, Dashboard, Charts, Tips & Techniques, Financial Functions / Analysis / Budgeting, Hr, Data Analysis, Database, Sales & Marketing

Microsoft Excel Training Courses / Certification, Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

We Offer Online Individual & On Site ( In – House / Group )  Training ( Free Course Outline / Free Info & Free Consultation ) Contact Us for Details


Excel For Daily User Course

Anyone who wants to have a grasp on what spreadsheets have to offer and how they can apply some of the built-in functions and formatting features of Microsoft Excel.


Learn Excel Dashboards for Reporting Advanced Level

Anyone who has a good knowledge of the workings within Excel and need to make formal presentations of their raw data by using interactive charts to highlight their company’s KPIs.


Microsoft Excel Functions & Features Training Tutorial

Participants should know the application of the following functions: VLOOKUP; IF; COUNTIF; SUMIF; TREND; GROWTH; REPLACE; EXACT; TRIM. Advisable for participants to attend the “Advanced Microsoft Excel Tips and Techniques for Management” program first.


Why Microsoft Excel Data Analysis Certification Training?

{ Big Data Techniques on Small Data Format Utilizing Microsoft Excel } Data Analysis is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace today. Companies has vast amounts of data, but there are not many employees with the ability to analyze that data to see trends and make predictions. Make a big difference in the success of yourself and your organization by acquiring data analysis skills. Understanding of Data Analytics – helps organization “see and plan” future decision making processes.


What participants can expect to learn from our training tutorial

Participants will learn an insight overview of how our Microsoft excel beginner, intermediate & advanced computer training programs can be used to gather, analyze, summarize, and report data that we come across in our daily work.


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We offer all type og programs regarding MS Excel. You can browse the programs that you are intereste in.

with so much data surrounding us daily, can you make sense of it? After downloading data from another system into spreadsheet format, are you able to gather information from it? Are your able to estimate what will your future sales values be?

If you answered “NO” to the above questions, you need help NOW!

Let the “Interpreter” Palani Murugappan, a HRDF Certified Trainer since the year 2000, train you to perform various aspects of data analytics of your raw data and find that vital and meaningful information.

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our programs lead by professional and talented trainer. See our trainers bio and their achievement in the training field.

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