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Microsoft Excel Training Presentation

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What participants can expect to learn from our training tutorial

Participants will learn an insight overview of how our Microsoft excel beginner, intermediate & advanced computer training programs can be used to gather, analyze, summarize, and report data that we come across in our daily work.

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Programs by Palani Murugappan

Excel For Daily User Course

• Learn Excel Dashboards for Reporting Advanced Level

• Mastering Presentation Techniques Course using Microsoft Excel Charts and PowerPoint Intermediate to Advanced

• Microsoft Excel Functions & Features Training Tutorial

• Microsoft Excel Tips & Techniques Training Course Intermediate to Advanced

• Financial Calculations Utilizing Excel Training Tutorial Intermediate to Advanced

• Financial Analysis and Modeling using Excel Training Lessons Advanced

• Excel for Human Resources Management Course Intermediate Level

• Database Mining Training Advanced Level

• Microsoft Excel Reporting & Analysis Course

• Excel in Sales & Marketing for Data Analysis Training Program Intermediate to Advanced

• Learn Cost Reduction Strategies using Excel Toolkits Intermediate to Advanced

• Building Infographics Utilizing Microsoft Excel for Data Visualization Intermediate to Advanced

• Internet, Intranet & Networking

• Data Analysis Techniques Training Program Intermediate to Advanced

• Report Writing Skills Using Microsoft Word

• Microsoft Word Basic

• Expert Users Advanced Excel Tools for Management Decision Making & Reporting

• Creating & Analyzing Databases using Microsoft Excel

• Microsoft Excel for Marketing Management

• Excel for Hotel Management

• Excel for Banking and Finance

• Decision Making Skills for Business Owners using Excel Toolkits

Why Microsoft Excel Data Analysis Certification Training?

{ Big Data Techniques on Small Data Format Utilizing Microsoft Excel }

Data Analysis is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace today. Companies has vast amounts of data, but there are not many employees with the ability to analyze that data to see trends and make predictions. Make a big difference in the success of yourself and your organization by acquiring data analysis skills.

Understanding of Data Analytics  – helps organization “see and plan” future decision making processes.

Video Presentation by Palani Murugappan

iTOL United Kingdom - Institute of Training & Occupational Learning

CERTIFICATE by : iTOL – UK / Watch iTOL Video Presentation  / iTOL Sample Certificate

The Malaysian Reserve Business News : Growing Demand For Big Data Expertise

MS Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 Books Authored by Palani Murugappan

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Learn How To Use Excel Spreadsheet Built-In Functions & Formatting Features Training Tutorial

Learn Spreadsheets, Ribbon, Formatting Worksheets, AutoComplete, AutoFit, AutoFill, Formulas, Charts, other Features, Analyze Raw Data.

Microsoft Excel Dashboard Formal Presentation of Raw Data Using Interactive Charts Lessons Tutorial Program ( Advanced )

Learn Use of Logical Required in Dashboard, Dashboard Entries, Data Validation, Formatting Dashboard Cells, Chart Types, Performance Against a Target, Interactive Controls, Pivot Table, Slicers.

How to Use & Create Excel Charts / Linked Powerpoint ( Microsoft Graph ) for Presentation Workshop ( Intermediate to Advanced )

 Learn Charts, Changing Chart Elements, Fine Tuning, Formatting, Incorporating Charts with PowerPoint for Presentation.

Learn Excel 2007 Advanced Functions & Features Training

Learn How To Summarize & Analyze Data, Pivot Tables, Charting, Creating Powerful Formulas, Applying Add-Ins In Excel.

Microsoft Excel Tips & Techniques Course ( Intermediate to Advanced )

Learn Tips & Techniques, Logical Functions, Lookup Functions, Financial Functions, Pivot Table, Text Functions, Date Calculations, Forecasting & Other Functions.

Learn Excel Financial Functions DCF, Time Value of Money Calculations, Workshop ( Intermediate to Advanced )

Learn Basic Refresher of Terminology and Other Features, Logical Statements, Cash Flow, Loan Repayment Calculation, Financial Function Interest Rate Calculation, Opportunity Costs, Investment Calculation, Depreciation.

MS Excel Financial Modeling & Analysis, Budgeting, Variance, Performance & Discounted Cash Flow / Various Sensitivity Analysis Calculations Tutorial Program ( Advanced )

Learn Decision Support Process, Modelling Aspects, Piecewise Modeling, Prediction, Estimation, Financial Analysis, Excel Functions, Application of Excel’s Financial Functions & Advanced Features, Case Study.

Applying Microsoft Excel Functions, Features, Techniques, Concepts and Tricks HR Course ( Intermediate )

Learn How to Incorporate & Format HR Data, Working with Data, Performance Management, Compensation Changes, Performance Evaluation, Market Analysis, Case Study

Data Analysis Techniques Apply Various Built-In Functions, Features, and Formulas ( Intermediate to Advanced )

Equipping participants with advanced level of knowledge and skills to understand the power of spreadsheets and how best to use them for reporting, data analysis and analytics.

Microsoft Excel Database Mining Technique, Analyze Data Using Various Functions & Features Workshop ( Advanced )

Learn To Understand Database, Logical Functions, One-Way and Two-Way Data Tables, Data Form, Formulas, Dimensions of an Array, Working with Array Formulas, Performing Operations of an Array, Database Functions, Working with Lists, Filtering Lists, External Database File,  Performing a Query, Pivot Table, Application of a Scenario for Maximizing, Minimizing or Best Case Events, Using the Solver (Excel add-in), Case Study.

Excel Minimize Cost & Defects, Manufacturing, Production Course ( Intermediate to Advanced )

Learn Lean Cost Reduction, Management Defects Methodologies, Performance Measurement, Production Factor That Contribute to Product Defects, Manage Inventory Defects Reduction, Six Sigma Defects Management, Advanced Excel Functionalities, Cost Risk & Chart For Defects Analysis, Measuring Manufacturing Profitability.

MS Excel Sales & Marketing Training, Marketing Management Process Data and Analyzing it using Excel’s Built-In Tools and Techniques ( Intermediate to Advanced )

Learn To Format Data and Numbers, Compiling & Analyzing Survey Data, Product Life Cycle Analysis, Disciplining Data, Competitive Analysis, Presenting & Reporting Data, Marketing Mix.